If you're curious, this site is personal, not professional (though you can both find, and infer, info about my work here). It's not exhaustive (I contain multitudes, etc.), but I hope it's representative: of my values, interests, accomplishments, and aspirations.

As you'd expect, folks who know me personally know there's quite a bit more than this. ;)

Gerol headshot

I'm Gerol.

I hike, kayak, read, cultivate blueberries, write, dance, bike, sing, cook. (Then there's the work stuff.)

The Person

Where Next?

I suggest browsing the navbar links. The site is not structurally complex, and there's no particular order. I suppose you could also email me, or search around the 'Net and see what else is out there that I've not included. At the moment, the only social media I'm at all using is Mastodon: feel free to engage with me there, at